After Hours

Our after hours care includes a Saturday morning clinic and a 24-hour “Kids Care” phone service staffed by pediatric nurses at Arkansas Children's Hospital. The majority of questions and concerns that arise after hours can be managed with the help of these kind and skilled nurses; they help you know how to care for your child at home and when you do need to seek emergency care. We believe that most “urgent care” situations are better addressed in your pediatrician's office where we know your child and are looking at the illness or injury in the context of your child's entire health picture. Research shows that pediatricians are less likely to perform unnecessary tests and procedures and less likely to prescribe unnecessary medications (particularly antibiotics and steroids) as compared to practitioners in urgent care clinics. Please call us for advice after hours!


To reach the Kids Care nurse call the Medical Exchange at 501-329-1199


Conway Regional Medical Exchange will connect you to Kids Care, the after-hours nurse line at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Call Kids Care for advice about fever, colds, flu, rashes, minor burns, earaches, animal or insect bites and minor injuries such as ankle sprains. Sometimes the nurse will advise you to seek care in an urgent care or E.R. setting. More often she will be able to help you care for your child at home.


Should I go straight to the Emergency Room?


Only acutal emergencies need to be seen in the E.R. Some examples are labored or difficult breathing, skin or lips that are blue or gray, changes in mental status (confusion, loss of consciousness), seizures, allergic reactions with breathing difficulty, severe bleeding, severe burns, or a bone that is obviously broken. Unless you have a TRUE EMERGENCY, call Kids Care first.